Crazy Weapon 5: Back for the First Time


In the year 2297 Las Vegas, the master thief and escape artist, Wanda 'Whispers' Jones has stolen a Crazy Weapon from the distant future (The year 4225/Envision City) and plans on using it in the past (The year 1977/ Colorado) to alter the timeline for her own gain. Two time cops (Sergeants Calloway & Quinn) along with Timeline Regulator, Spencer Cooper partner for the first time to go back to 1977, to retrieve the Crazy Weapon & Whispers Jones.

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Sequel to the award-winning neo-noir film Rise of The Avalanche (2017), Rise of the Avalanche: Revenge from the Shadows is about a gangster by the name of Alvin "Avalanche" Steele who is freed from prison and executes his plans to take back his city. Meanwhile, the Supercop that put him behind bars (Antoine "Megki" DeLord) is hell-bent on sending him back to prison where he belongs. While Avalanche is distracted trying to take back his city an old rival who he left for dead is out to exact revenge from the shadows. Film is slated for release March 29th, 2019.

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Captain Powerful


The world's greatest superhero suffers a psychotic mental breakdown after years of saving countless people. Now institutionalized, he's constantly beaten by the guards and talked down to by his condescending therapist, Dr. Powell. How much more can a broken man at the end of his rope take?

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Gotta Make It


"Gotta Make It" Is a short film about a struggling artist trying to make it in the film industry a few years after graduating college. Dealing with hardship, numerous job rejections, and wanting to give up, he struggles to try to find the courage to continue with his passion and hope and dream to become a professional in the film industry.

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Rise of The Avalanche


Rise of The Avalanche takes place in the very neo-noir future in the year 4225, where the criminal mastermind Avalanche Steel executes stage 1 of his evil plot to exact revenge and take back control over Envision City. Tensions rise as Detective Sal starts to unravel the plot and confronts the well-known crime boss Clyde Simms about the truth.

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