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Crazy Weapon 5: Back for the first time

Own a physical copy of Crazy Weapon 5: Back for the first time! In the year 2297 Las Vegas, the master thief and escape artist, Wanda 'Whispers' Jones has stolen a Crazy Weapon from the distant future (The year 4225/Envision City) and plans on using it in the past (The year 1974/ Colorado) to alter the timeline for her own gain. Two time cops (Sergeants Calloway and Quinn) along with Timeline Regulator, Spencer Cooper partner for the first time to go back to 1974, to retrieve the Crazy Weapon and Whispers Jones.

$14.99 (plus $2 shipping)

House of Ra: The Legend of Reo

Own a physical copy of House of Ra! There is a prophecy that a fallen house will regain glory by finding an ancient life source which will replenish the scarce resources to the planet for eternity. A young girl and the sole member of the House of Ra finds a relic that will lead her to the life source. She embarks on a journey with a few friends to reclaim and rebuild her house honor by saving the planet.

Coming Soon

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